Sunday, May 19, 2013

Reeling For Research

6 am.
The Reeling For Research charity tourney took place a few weekends ago and was an absolute blast.  Teams from all over the state competed to raise money for the NC Children's Hospital.  All in all, over $500,000 was raised in this tournaments fifth year!!  The Buzz Skinner award is presented to the team that raises the most money in honor of Raleigh native Buzz Skinner, who was an avid fisherman and devoted family man who lost his battle with cancer in October of 2010.  This years winner was team "All-in", with total money raised in excess of $42,000!!  I knew Buzz and have have known his children for a long time as well, and to see this award presented in his honor was very special.  
Great work to team "All-in" and all the other teams who competed this year.  

Captain Bert

Now, for the fishing.....or the attempt.

Generally, the tournament is an offshore affair, with the gulf stream the destination and pelagic species the target, however this year was different.  The weather turned foul on us and the seas weren't in our favor.  Being that 8-10ft seas were expected, as well as the potential for thunderstorms, the committee bent the rules a bit and offshore became inshore.  Colder than usual water temperatures also didn't help the bite as many species such as albacore and 

amberjack were still tough to locate.  No matter, bluefish are always a back up, so we hammered the bluefish schools up and down the shoreline.  To weigh in, each team needs 3 weighable fish at the end of the day to qualify.  Finding fish wasn't our problem at all; once we got into the bluefish schools the bite was on, rather, finding fish that were actually worth weighing was the issue.  We caught so many blues in the 1-2lb range it was absurd.  Luckily Jimmy caught an albie that was about 8lbs, so at least we were on the board.  Although the fishing and weather weren't the best, it was an awesome day partying on the boat with our team, Jimmy Philbin, Hunter Boykin, Robert Paschal, and myself.  It was especially entertaining watching all the 60ft offshore yachts clumsily try and avoid each other as they trolled their way up and down the shore for 12 inch bluefish.  Until that day I had never seen a captain gaff a 1lb fish before...
Fish on.  Also note the superb quality of the team tee.

After some great times on the water, ample beer consumption and much deck dancing, team Tetons on the Fly headed in for the weigh in.  I don't know what our total weight was and even if I stayed to find out I probably wouldn't publicly disclose it.  

If you look very closely, you can see our
massive fish...
That night, all the teams partied at Jacks with live music and beer from Natty Greene's til the wee hours.

The Reeling for Research staff did an unbelievable job coordinating and putting the tournament together this year.  It was such a great time and for a great cause and I would strongly encourage anyone, from anywhere, to consider forming a team or getting involved for next year.  

Also, thanks to Richard Montana for putting this successful tourney on and growing it year after year.

For more info on Reeling for Research or the UNC Children's Hospital please visit:

Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Saltwater Tetons on the Fly Logo!!

Reeling for Research Tournament is proud to announce the formation of a saltwater team to take part in this years Reelin' For Research charity fishing tourney this coming weekend in Morehead City, NC.  By using this charitable tournament as a vehicle, our team comprised of JImmy Philbin, Robert Paschal, Hunter Boykin, and myself are attempting to raise as much money as possible for this great event (and get some fishing in!).

The N.C. Children’s Promise, a statewide initiative, is a year round campaign to promote the NC Children’s Hospital. North Carolina Children’s Hospital protects the health and well-being of North Carolina’s 2.1 million children by aligning premier health care practitioners, world-class medical education, and innovative, interdisciplinary research to provide the highest-quality, family-centered care, regardless of a family’s ability to pay. The N.C. Children’s Hospital works hand-in-hand with community hospitals and pediatricians across the state, providing specialty care to more than 70,000 children from all 100 counties each year.

Please take the time to go online and donate to our boat, Back Peddler. Thank you to all who support our team through donations and we look forward to seeing everyone next weekend.